NSM’s microenterprise initiative is an opportunity for survivors of sexual exploitation to partner with NSM to create their own small business. Profits are set aside in a fund saved for school tuition or rent for their next home.

Three of our incredible alumni makers still have product left in NSM’s microenterprise shop. Check out what they’re selling below, items are limited!

Handmade Knit Blankets

Each handmade blanket was created by an incredible woman in our program who says that knitting saved her life and quited her anxiety. Each blanket is a story of survival.

2 options left for you to choose from.

Handmade Dreamcatcher Clocks

From her own culture and creativity, an amazing woman in our program has made these dreamcatcher clocks and started her small business!

Made with genuine leather and sinew. The circle is 14inch wide and the entire length is 34 inches long.

Handbeaded Earrings

This participant has shared that creating bead work has directly impacted her recovery and healing process. She has taken the time to smudge each earring with Sage that she hand picks and pray for the receiver of the earring.

3 options for you to chose from.

How the microenterprise initiative works:

NSM buys the materials, and the participants make the items, then we sell the item through our existing online community. Each product is made to order. Profits go to the participants in a scholarship when they leave NSM in a planned and positive exit. TIC staff will help provide logistics of supply and demand and will offer mentorship to women who want to pursue their business beyond their involvement in the program.

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